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If history is any indication, lack of improper exit facilities in a building often lead to higher number of casualties. To prevent negligent loss of life, the authorities put together a mandatory building code and regulation that must be followed by all the structures. As a result, emergency exits became a compulsion. Push bars have proven their efficiency time and again for being the most effective doors for quick exit. Little Village Locksmith Store is a reputed locksmith in Chicago, IL that specializes in installation of push bar doors in any building, be it residential or commercial. We also provide year round maintenance service to ensure that these doors remain in top shape.

How push bars work?

Little Village Locksmith Store Chicago, IL 312-288-7679A push bar door unlocks quickly and this is why it is ideal for emergency exits. The door’s main component is a spring loaded bar that unlatches fast and allows the occupants of the building to exit. The door has been designed keeping panic situation in mind. If there are too many people struggling to get hold of the knob or crowd the key slot in anxiety, it can make it hard to open the door and may even cause a stampede. Push bar, on the other hand, can be opened fast and release the panicking crowd. 

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

The common notion regarding push bars is that they if they provide an effortless exit, it also makes for an easy entry, compromising the safety of buildings. However, emergency exit doors are always built to operate from one side, which means that if they can be opened from inside, they cannot be opened from outside. Little Village Locksmith Store is one of the most trusted locksmiths who can install these push bar doors in compliance with the building codes.  

Our service availability:

Speaking of emergencies, Little Village Locksmith Store has a commitment towards safety. If you come to us for emergency exit lock installation, we will ensure that you get maximum protection against forced entry and easy exit, in case of unexpected crises. It is also our job to offer regular upkeep of these doors, and maintain their top working condition. It will not only prevent your building from being imposed of any penalties, but will also give your employees the confidence of safe exit at the time of an emergency. We provide 24-hour assistance throughout Chicago, IL.

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